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ClimLaw: Graz Roundtable - Professor Elizabeth Valdés-Miranda Fernández

Montag, 28.11.2022

ClimLaw: Graz Roundtable - Thursday, 24 November 2022

Professor Elizabeth Valdés-Miranda Fernández, Professor of International Public Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Havana, presneted at our latest ClimLaw: Graz Roundtable on a topic titled:

International law, access to energy and climate protection from a Cuban perspective

Professor Elizabeth Valdés-Miranda Fernández provided an informative session on the basics of international environmental law and its impact on Cuban environmental considerations and energy access. She provided a unique perspective of Cuba’s position in international climate change considerations and more specifically the steps that Cuba has taken to meet environmental and climate considerations.

Professor Valdés-Miranda Fernández's visit to Graz is part of a collaberation between the University of Graz and the Univeristy of Havana. This collaberation was started in 2020 by ClimLaw: Graz's Dr. Renate Pirstner-Ebner. Given the challenges of Covid the exchanges between the institutions has been limited but now, as restirctions lift worldwide, greater cooperation is possible.

The Roundtable discussion was attended by researchers, professors and students from across the Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz Faculty of Law. Thank you to Professor Valdés-Miranda Fernández for sharing your research with us. It was a geat pleasure to host your during your time in Graz and we look forward to further exchanges and collaborations in the future.

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