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About ClimLaw: Graz

ClimLaw: Graz is a research center for climate law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Graz. It is part of the interdisciplinary Field of Excellence "Climate Change Graz" of the University of Graz, an association of researchers at Graz University who jointly research and share their knowledge on climate change and sustainability.

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The research center's task is to critically observe and analyse current developments in climate law, especially from an Austrian perspective, and to carry out research projects with a focus on climate and environmental law together with national and international partners from science and practice. Due to its close links with climate science, climate economics, climate ethics, etc. and its intensive cooperation with stakeholders, ClimLaw: Graz is transdisciplinary and acts as a competent partner for scientific reports, expert information and legal advice.

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The diverse range of courses offered by the center's members introduces students of law, as well as of other fields of study, to the basics of environmental and climate law. ClimLaw: Graz is nationally and internationally well connected in research and teaching. The center organises and designs scientific conferences, workshops in cooperation with partners from science and practice as well as innovative course formats. 

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Univ.-Prof. MMag. Dr. iur. LL.M. (LSE)

Eva Schulev-Steindl

Institute of Public Law and Political Science
Universitätsstr. 15/D3
8010 Graz

Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 3601

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