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Eva Schulev-Steindl is full professor of Pub­lic Law and Economic Law at the University of Graz and member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences´ Commission on Climate and Air Quality, where she coordinates the joint research focus on “Climate and Law”.

Her main area of research is environmental and climate law (industrial installa­tions, environmental impact assessment, air pollution control, public participation esp. within the framework of the Aarhus Convention, climate lawsuits).



Gerhard Schnedl is Assistant Professor at the Institute of Public Law and Political Science at the University of Graz and co-organizer of the Graz Environmental Law Forum. 

His research is focused on Austrian and European environmental and industrial installations law (ia author of a textbook “Umweltrecht im Überblick”, various publications on climate law).

Renate Pirstner-Ebner is assistant accociate at the Institute of Public Law and Political Sience.

Her topic of research is Energy Law focused on Climate Protection Energy Law (particularly renewable energy and energy efficiency).

Carlotta Garofalo is a Ph.D. student in Administrative and Constitutional Law, and a member of the Doctoral Program Climate Change at the University of Graz.

Her research focuses on climate lawsuits against States as a form of strategic litigation.​ 

Dominik Geringer is a research assistant and doctoral candidate at the Institute for Public Law and Political Science in Graz.

His primary research area is European and Austrian environmental law. In particular, his research focuses on the role and implications of climate protection in road traffic law.

Lydia Omuko-Jung is a Kenyan Attorney and currently a doctoral researcher at the Institute of Public Law and Political Science.

She is part of the Doctoral Programme Climate Change where her research focuses on legal aspects of consumption-based instruments for climate change mitigation.

Christoph Romirer completed his law degree at the University of Graz in 2017. His doctoral research focuses on the enhancement of climate law-related balancing decisions with interdisciplinary methods and their integration into the legal decision making process.

Markus Scharler’s research focus concentrates on the constitutional law, administrative law, the corresponding aspects of the European law and in particular the area of environmental law.

His research is centered around questions in connection to resettlement as a space-oriented adaption measure to climate change.


Univ.-Prof. MMag. Dr.iur. LL.M. (LSE)

Eva Schulev-Steindl

Institute of Public Law and Political Science

Universitätsstraße 15/D3
8010 Graz

Phone:+43 316 380 - 3601, 6707

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